What is Semco Style

12 November 2021 Off By vandanamalaiya

Semco Style is a management approach that prepares organizations to build and sustain a Start-up culture at scale.

Startup culture stands out for agility, innovation, client focus of the organization, high degree of ownership, accountability, high learnability along with high productivity as a team. Startup growth is fuelled by a singular focus on achieving the outcome. Little or nothing falls through the cracks as members pick up tasks to be done without being constrained by their designated role. There is loads of trust and transparency between team members resulting in appreciation as well as constructive feedback to flow across. Teams are largely self-managed. Success is celebrated and Failures are looked at as learning opportunities.

With growth, lots of controls and procedures set in. Some essential and many unnecessary bureaucratic red tapes. Most organizations build pyramids introducing command and control across levels and invisible walls between functions. This hinders the agility and introduces barriers that impact innovation and decision-making ability of people closest to the action. This results in lack of ownership, confinement of responsibility to defined role, complacency, and often dissatisfaction leading to attrition or low productivity.

While most organizations become aware of these challenges, many attempts to fix them with “point” solutions targeted at specific departments or layers of management yield mixed results at best. It takes a more holistic approach to build and sustain an organizational culture that takes it back to thinking and behaving with agility and innovation like a startup.

Many organizations including the Haier ( White goods manufacturer), Gore-tex ( Outdoor clothing brand),  Netflix (Media Giant), Spotify ( Music streaming), Semco( Manufacturing), Buurtzorg (home care services), Jaipur Rugs, InMobi, etc made the move to transform culturally to regain their business edge.

Semco Style helps organizations regain the startup culture while staying focused on the important business metrics,  through a customized methodical approach. It takes a holistic approach, helping companies design their organizational structure wisely around people instead of around functions, shifting the focus to outcomes instead of outputs, and redesigning how work works to maximize ownership levels in the company.  It does not prescribe standard solutions but co-creates the changes with the organization. Having said that, SemcoStyle has a rich library of 100+ well-tried practices from different self-managed organizations to pick and choose from. It also has a structured roadmap and a framework that form the basis of the culture change.

About Semco Style Institute :

SemcoStyle Institute was set up in the Netherlands by a few Dutch entrepreneurs along with Ricardo Semler ( author of Maverick and Seven Day Weekend and Semco Group owner) in 2016 to develop a dynamic framework from practices at Semco and similar democratically managed organizations to theory, that could be leveraged by multiple organizations across the globe. Today Semco Style Institute is present in 14 countries across the globe.

SemcoStyle India engages with organizations in India for leadership training, focused interventions to address specific business problems, and holistic transformation

To know more about Semco Style visit  https://semcostyle.com/ ( global) https://semcostyle.in/ (India) or contact vandana@semcostyle.in